Staff and Students will not be able to log in to Elevate using Clever until the Account Holder performs the first sync between both systems. Account Holders should follow the steps to Sync Clever with Elevate.

Step 1: Open your web browser and navigate to the Elevate website by going to 

Step 2: 

    Option 1 - Log in with Clever from Elevate 

    If you are already logged into Clever, you will be able to access Elevate directly. Follow these steps:


       a) Click on the Log in with Clever button on the Elevate homepage.  

       b) You are redirected to the Sign in with your Clever Account screen. 

    Option 2 - Log in to Elevate from within Clever 

    If you are not logged into Clever, you can still access Elevate through Clever.

       a) Open a new tab or browser window and go to your District's Clever site.

       b) Sign in to your Clever account.

       c) After signing in, click on the Apps option within your Clever account.

       d) Find and click on the Elevate app icon.

       e) You will be automatically redirected to your Elevate dashboard.

Please reach out to Clever for any issues pertaining to the Clever Platform. Riverside Insights will not be able to provide support for Non Riverside products.