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Chromebook LockDown Browser App and Internet Access

Students testing with the LockDown Browser for Chromebook may be able to gain access to the internet if the following steps are taken: 

  1. Open the kiosk app
  2. Click Sign in with Clever
  3. Click Sign in with Google
  4. Click the Terms link on the bottom of the screen
  5. Click the waffle (9 dots) on the top-right corner of the screen
  6. Click the Google icon

This issue is the result of the way that Chromebooks implement Kiosk browsers and is not unique to the LockDown Browser for Riverside Elevate.

Chromebook administrators can mitigate this issue by blocking sites in their district’s Google Admin Console. Under “Devices -> Chrome -> Settings -> Device Settings” there is a “Kiosk settings” section that allows external domains to be added that will block access to any external navigations that are not desired. Please keep in mind that this setting will block URLs for all Kiosk browsers, not just the LockDown Browser for Riverside Elevate.

Google is sunsetting support for Kiosk browser applications in 2024 and as such, Riverside Elevate will transition to a new, extension-based LockDown browser in the coming months for more security.

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