Elevate Release Notes - Version 1.1

Date: 10.03.2023

Acct Setup & Admin:

  • Resend Welcome Email:
  • Account Setup & Admin users can now utilize feature to resend welcome emails via the Reset Password link on the Elevate Login page.
  • Resend Verification Code:
  • Enhanced functionality to resend verification codes for improved user experience.

Account Administration:

  • Elevate Point of Contact Change Request:
  • Introduced a Riverside Insights internal feature in Account Administration to streamline change requests for Elevate account holders.
  • Product Return Process
  • Added Riverside Insights internal feature in Account Administration to facilitate the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) process for online testing licenses.
  • Usage Email Enhancement:
  • Account Administration users can experience improved usage email notifications with enhanced formatting.


  • Update Account Holder in Rostering:
  • Rostering feature has been updated to allow the modification of account holder information.
  • SSO Error Messages:
  • Rostering enhancements include improved error messages for a smoother SSO experience.
  • Enhanced Clever Sync Status:
  • Improved Clever Sync Status for more thorough and detailed updates during synchronization.
  • Support Location Merges, Moves, and Splits in the Riverside Insights Scoring Database:
  • Rostering has been updated to support published location changes in Scoring/Reporting.
  • Add/Update Teachers to Sections or Schools-Clever:
  • Rostering functionality now allows addition/update of teachers to sections or schools via Clever.
  • Removing Sections and Inactivating students:
  • Rostering feature enhancements include removing sections and inactivating students within them.
  • Identify Location Moves, Merges, Splits from Clever and Publish Change Data:
  • Rostering improvements include identifying location changes from Clever and publishing change data.
  • Support Synced Roster Data Changes for Staff:
  • Rostering now supports synchronized roster data changes for staff members.

Test Assignment:

  • Trash Test Assignments that have not been started:
  • Enhanced Test Assignment feature enables trashing assignments not started by students.
  • List of Trashed Assignments:
  • Test Assignment now offers a view to list all trashed assignments for easy reference.
  • Final Deletion of Trashed Test Assignments:
  • Implemented a final deletion step for trashed test assignments.
  • Trash Test Assignments where students have started testing:
  • Test Assignment feature has been improved to trash assignments with student progress.
  • Restore Trashed Test Assignments:
  • Test Assignment now allows users to restore previously trashed assignments.


  • Progress Indicators and Key Performance Indicators for CogAT Screening Form on Teacher Dashboard:
  • Reporting enhancements include progress indicators and KPIs for CogAT Screening Form.
  • Reporting -> CogAT Dashboard API (application programming interface) Performance improvement:
  • Optimized the CogAT dashboard API to improve data retrieval performance.
  • Generate Top Menu Population Filters for Gender, Race, and Program Codes:
  • Reporting now offers filters for gender, race, and program codes with "AND" to "OR" conversion.
  • Suppress Program Descriptions from Teacher View:
  • Reporting feature now allows suppression of program descriptions in reports viewed by educators with a Teacher role in Elevate.
  • Update Scoring/Reporting to React to Students' Locations Changes:
  • Scoring and Reporting have been updated to react to students' location changes.